Surfer Sunday 125

Herb keeper

How to give a great speech, part 1: preparation

Drizzle spoon

Halloween photography tips

Gingered Butternut Soup

Cutting board that makes an instant counter

How to light a jack-o-lantern

Photographing jack-o-lanterns

How to deal with a school bully

Five easy ways to cut car maintenance costs

Scoring karaoke game

Ten simple freezer tricks to save you time and money

Bronzed Sea Bass with Lemon Shallot Butter

14 Halloween sites for kids (They say they are safe – I have not checked them out yet, so proceed with caution.)

Non-food treats for Halloween

Candy Corn

Four basic tips for photographing the moon

Cinnamon and your jack-o-lantern

Kitchen grease fires

Pumpkin carving tools

Say it ain’t so Hulu!

A cautionary tale

Peanut butter as hiccup cure? I still swear by holding your breath and swallowing 10 sips of water while continuing to hold your breath. Works for me every time.

Surprising uses for your diswasher

Carve a candle-friendly pumpkin hatch

Gummy worm chromosomes

8 DIY sore throat remedies

Cute cupcake of the week

Digital photo frame that prints your photos!

Checklist for decluttering and purging your kitchen

One Response to “Surfer Sunday 125”

  1. Theresa says:

    WOW! You have a ton of great links on here! The first I am going to check is the school bully one. I’ve given my girls advice that makes the school prinicipals cringe, lol, but no one messes with them! LOL!