Surfer Sunday 119

I love creme brulee. Love. it. Have loved it since I had it for the first time in York, England. (They serve it cold in England.) Have adored it and drooled over it and been a total fanatic of it since I had it in Paris. (They serve it warm.) And then I tried to make it and believe it or not, it’s easy. But I would really love this set because of the rack! So cool!

Internet safety facts

How to help your child learn to love (or at least like) school.

Children and sleepovers

Food allergies, children and schools

10 things in life that aren’t fair: Part 1 and Part 2.

10 cheap (but cool) school lunch ideas

How to clean your entire kitchen with one lemon. Yes, ONE!

Cute cupcake of the week

Braces your kids won’t hate.

Outsource your chores

16 unusual uses for hair conditioner

How to take photos in public with confidence.

7 photography projects to jumpstart your creativity

Key Lime Pie

Veggie Tacos

But can it make cupcakes?

Where have you been all my life?

If food is art, is art food?

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Deep fried butter

Thumbs down from me. People, butter is not a food. It’s a flavoring and a fat. NOT A FOOD. Sheesh.

One Response to “Surfer Sunday 119”

  1. Theresa says:

    Now I feel smart! I do all the steps to try to make my kids like (or least not hate) school! And I am a pit bull mom when it comes to sleepovers. I even ask more questions than that listed! Comes from having a bad experience once.

    S has the invisible retainers on the top…does that count? My ortho the hunk said invisalign is only for very mildly crooked teeth or I think that’s what my girls would have begged for. Those brackets and wires can really dig into their cheeks. :(

    And no on the butter. I’d like to live past 45 thanks. ;)