Surfer Sunday 101

Everybody Needs Gadgets

Under-cabinet wine cooler

Hot chocolate pot

Hot chocolate maker

These are just so pretty.


Food! Glorious Food!

Sparky Marie’s Ugly but Delicious Bourbon-Walnut Sweet Potato Mash

Online sources for allergen-free food

Oh, how I love Creme Brulee!

Cheesy garlic bread

How to prepare a cheese board

Lemon fudge

I love all things pomegranate flavored, so this Pomegranate Liqueur looks really interesting.

Cranberry pork stew

I just love the name “amuse-bouche”.

Microwave Peanut Brittle

All about flour

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Lemon Fudge

Creative Pursuits

Dealing with sun flare in your photos.

Very cool photo gifts

11 tips for great food photography

Doll diapers!

Fingerpaint wall art

How to use flash for night photography

Elastic bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarks

Flower pinwheels

Pine cone votives

Polaroid will be gone as of January 1, but there are alternatives!

Marble magnets

Handprint snowmen ornaments

Techno Geekery

Security experts advise you to stay off Internet Explorer (for now). I advise you to switch to Firefox or another browser out there for good.

Whichbook suggests books for you based on your ratings.

Top 10 ways to lock down your data.

Happy Holidays

Homemade food gifts

Pampering beauty and spa gifts to make

More handmade gifts

Make a hidden Christmas tree watering system

Really cool gingerbread houses

Three-layer peppermint bark

Ten ways to have a green holiday.

Marshmallow eggnog

Ten best holiday books for kids

Last minute gift idea

Guide to online holiday guides

Christmas dollar store ideas

Digital gifts

Make your own mulling spices

Really cool gift wrapping ideas

Healthy holiday travel

All about Chanukah

Ten holiday beverages

The origins of Christmas

Chocolate and peppermint cookies

Easy-Does-It Latkes

Life Is a Highway

How to avoid looking like an American tourist

How to control the way you react (part two).

How to hack your taxes before the new year.

Ten alternative uses for tea.

Seasoning a cast-iron pan

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Oh, her aching uterus.

Survival bracelet

More boy babies are born during and right after a war.

6 discoveries that science can’t explain

Cool and unusual cloud formations

Good Ideas

Find coupon codes and discounts for online shopping.

For the Kids

KidZui – kid friendly web interface

Why kids get sicker at night and what to do about it.

Chocolate play dough

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Love this t-shirt!

Too Much Time on My Hands

You might be a redneck…if you like this silly game. Or you might not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Who’s your inner rock-star mom?

Weekly Features

Cupcake of the week

Cupcake of the week 2

Pretty recipe of the week

Pretty recipe of the week 2

Tip of the week

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